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The Pup and Pet Play Community
of Greater New Orleans

CrescentPAH is the Crescent City's pup play and pet play community organization! We run regular social events for Pups, Pets, Furries, and other flavors of Gay People Pretending To Be Animals all across the Bulbancha/New Orleans metro area and beyond.

We are a queer-led, trans-inclusive, anti-racist, and anti-fascist community, and proudly welcome and defend BIPOC, trans, nonbinary, and other marginalized people.

Join us!

Weekly Pool Social 🎱 Thursdays 9-midnight

Catch the CrescentPAH community upstairs at Café Lafitte in Exile every Thursday for Underwear Pool Night! (21+)

Special Events

Follow our Telegram channel for updates on special CrescentPAH meetups

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2023 Leadership

President - Pup Zeke @BetaPupZeke on Twitter@pup_zeke on Telegram@pupzeke on Instagram

Venue Liaison - Pup Tracer @PupTracet on Twitter@FloofFoot on Telegram


What is pup play?

Pup play, also known as human puppy play, is when you pretend to be a puppy dog for gay reasons. Bark bark bark woof.

You can also pretend to be a different animal. There are no rules, unless you like making up rules to obey so that someone will call you a good dog.

What is a handler?

A handler is a person who is not pretending to be a dog, but takes all these weirdos who are pretending to be dogs at face value and actually interacts with them as if they are real dogs. To be a handler, think about how you would give an actual dog pets on the head and doggy treats for being good, and then do that to some twink in their underwear.

Who can come to CrescentPAH events?

CrescentPAH is open to pups, pets, handlers, or anyone else interested in this whole thing. Come hang out! We're friendly! Any and all levels of familiarity are welcome, and you don't need gear to be a pup. We welcome members 18 or older of any gender or orientation.

In order to keep our members safe and comfortable, we do actively exclude people who espouse white supremacist, misogynistic, transphobic, or other similarly oppressive attitudes.

Do I need to have pup gear?

Absolutely not, but we understand that being able to wear a pup hood makes for a better experience. Please let us know if you'd like to borrow one for an event!

Do I need to be LGBTQ?

Not necessarily, but keep in mind that the pup community is a part of queer culture. If you are cis and straight but comfortable integrating with queer communities, you should have a perfectly good time with us.

Do I need to become a member?

Not necessary! Just come hang out! If you really want to fill out a form, though, because you like to make up rules to follow so that people will call you a good puppy, here you go.